Pigtail Food Flipper Twist

Light switch plate WG $20

Pigtail Food Flipper WG

20" $32

Spatula WG $32

Spatula Twist $32

28" $34

16" $30

20" $32

Skewers $30

28" $34

BBQ Tools

BBQ tools are heated to 300-400 degrees, then soaked in cooking oil. This allows the metal pores to open up and soak in the oil. This helps to prevent rusting.

Pigtail food flipper picture shown is for right handed. If you need left handed, please send email specifying that you need a left handed hook. Otherwise I will send hook for right handed.

Custom sizes are available upon request

Light switch plate Pebble $20

Home Decor

16" $30

Light switch plate Hammer $20

BBQ Tool Set $120